Recently I saw the latest mailinabox, and man is it fancy. I looked, and there was nothing like that for centos. I wanted a way to help the lazy people out there setup a centos 7 box with postfixadmin, dovecot, spamasassin, clamav-milter, postgrey-milter, mariadb, and dkim with ease. So in very short time in between down time, I wrote mailonacircle. It uses chef-solo, and the attributes are basic and do not make a lot of sense at first glance, but it is a start. With a quick copy/pasta, you can take a fresh centos 7 server and install all of the above, with selinux enabled. By default, there is no default domain (and of course no open relay), do if someone were to just copy/pasta, no damage done. You have to add the domains and mailboxes in postfixadmin. Also smtpauth should work as well.

Reasons I did it this way:

  • Why Chef? Why not bash/ansible/fancypants thing:
    • I know Chef very well
    • Because I have a hammer, everything looks like a nail
      • To be fair, chef solo is perfect for this. Run it once, “make this box look like X”, and you can remove chef-solo if you wanted.
  • You did not use any community cookbooks! You should feel bad
    • I went for simplicity. Why do I need an entire separate cookbook to install mariadb, create a db and create a few users?
  • Selinux enabled is hard

This is not as fancy as mailinabox, no fancy web ui, and this assumes at least basic troubleshooting/following directions. What is still left:

  • Attributes need to make more sense
  • There are some hardcoded references to the mail database (specifically called mail in the sql maps for postfix)
  • Would love to solve the postfixadmin password hash manual setup.
  • Would like to add more tweaks for configuration.
  • Need to NOT chmod 777, EVER
  • Why did I enabled ports AND unix sockets for milters to listen on? (, but STILL)
  • Clean up recipes (single responsibility)