Postfix 3.0 stable was released a few days ago (Feb 8). I run a few personal mailservers and decided it would be good if I were to upgrade the one running on Fedora21 (postfix + mysql + spamass-milter + greylisting), This would be a deviation as I would be compling it from source, and who knows what would break with 3.0! Here is a very brief update to what I did to get it working on Fedora 21:

yum remove postfix -y
tar -xzvf postfix-3.0.0.tar.gz
cd postfix-3.0.0
yum -y install mysql-devel openssl-devel libdb-devel libgsasl-devel
yum groupinstall -y "Development Tools"

I put the following in a file so I could keep building it until I got all the right libs/deps

make tidy
#This builds postfix with mysql+tls+sasl support
make -f Makefile.init makefiles 'CCARGS=-DHAS_MYSQL -I/usr/include/mysql\
-DUSE_TLS `pkg-config --cflags openssl`'  'AUXLIBS_MYSQL=-L/usr/lib64/mysql -lmysqlclient -lz -lm' 'AUXLIBS=-L/usr/lib64\
-lssl -lcrypto'  shared=yes dynamicmaps=yes
make install

For the install part, I used the default paths given.

/usr/sbin/postfix start

Do not forget when testing with telnet (if using postscreen) to turn on crlf

telnet 25
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
220 ESMTP Postfix
telnet> set crlf
Will send carriage returns as telnet <CR><LF>.

For fedora 21, (I do not recall off the top of my head) but these are the packages you need to build with mysql+tls:


The nice thing too is that when I did a yum -y remove postfix, it left my intact, just saved it as So before starting postfix don’t foget to do:

cp /etc/postfix/ /etc/postfix/

Also, I left backwards compatability on with postfix, have not tried turning it off. When I do, I will take note of what I had and what needed to be changed.

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